Sabinda Sherpa

Sabinda Sherpa (Senior Trekking Guide and Leader)

Sabinda Sherpa is experienced trekking guide who has been involved in field of trekking since 1990. He is trained trekking guide with long time experience. He has worked for several trekking agencies as trekking guide and trekking leader. He is well acquainted with language like Nepali, Japanese, English and Arabic.



Key Qualification and Training

Trekking guide training
Conducted by NATHM


Work Experiences

Enter in the field of tourism since 1990 A.D.

Worked as Trekking guide and team leader 

* Worked for trekking agencies like Jai Himal Trek (Saiyu Travel), Khumbi-La Trek, Sherpa Trekking Service, Pabil Treks.


Places Travelled

All Nepal Trekking Routes.

Tibet - Central, North and West part of Tibet.