Nepal Char Dhama Dharshan

Nepal four Dhama Dharshan include four main temple in Nepal. All these holy shrine are related with Lord Shiva. He is known as god of destruction and holds highest and utmost respect in Hindu religion.  He is considered as lord of lords. They are Pashupatinath, Doleshwar Mahadev, Haleswari and Muktinath.

Kathmandu is known as city of Gods. There are number of number of Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrims. Kathmandu. They all are attached with legends and beliefs. It is historic city with amazing culture and art. It is filled with ancient and skilled architecture of Newar. Architecture in wood and metal are unique and handcrafted century ago when they was no modern technology. There is also other religious  Buddhist shrine like Bouddhanath and Sywambunath Places to visit in Kathmandu are:

Pashupatinath is main shrine to visit in this trip. It is located on bank of river Bagmati. It is one of the most holy temple for Hindu. The literal meaning of Pashupatinath is lord of all animals. This temple was built approximately in 5th century but exact date could not be found in the history. It was late renovated and taken in care by Malla kings. It is believed that Shiva lingam which is main idol for worship have existed since beginning of time.

There number of small Hindu and Buddhist temples surrounding this main temple. The temple of Guheshwori is another important part of this heritage. It is dedicated to Shiva’s consort Sati Devi.

Doleshwar Mahadev Temple is situated in Bhaktatpur District near Kathmandu. It is 20 km from Kathmandu and takes about 25 minute drive. It is an essential shrine of lord Shiva. It is essential part of any Lord Kedarnath of India. Legend has it, that when Pandav brothers were seeking for forgiveness from lord Shiva after great battle of Mahabharata for killing many lives. Lord Shiva flee away with unwillingness to forgive and take form of Bull. After Pandavas discovered about the disguise, they caught him by tail. In process of catching the bull, body and head got separated. The body of Lord Shiva form Kedarnath of India, while head form Doleshwar Mahadev in Nepal. So, it is believed one must visit Doleshwar after visiting Kedarnath inorder to make their Yatra “Travel” completed.

Halesi or Haleshwar Mahadev is a cave located in Khotang district of Nepal It is approximately 325 KM from Kathmandu. Legend has it that Lord Shiva used Halesi Cave for 6000 years to hide from the demon Bhasmaur. Demon has power of turning anyone into ashes by placing his hand in head.

Muktinath lies in foot of Throng Peak. It is one of integral part of world famous Annapurna Circuit trekking. It is holy shrine for both Hindu and Buddhist. It is called god of liberation or Moksha. This region is also known as “Mukti Kshetra” which translates to place of liberation. It is perfect example of religious tolerance. Both Hindu and Budhhist temple is located with same compound. Both Shrine is worshipped by both Hindu and Buddhist. Kagbeni is also religious important place for Hindu. 

 Country: Nepal  Min group members: 8
 Duration: 13 days  Difficulty: Normal
 Best time: Autumn and Spring  Maximum Altitude: 3500 meters approx (Mutkitnath)
 Major Attraction: Four holy shrine of Lord Shiva and holy shrine of Buddhist too, amazing culture and architecture of local people of Kathmandu, Natural beauty of Muktinath region, view of mountains in Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Visit Pashupatinath early morning and explore Boudhanath and Sywambunath.

Day 03: Drive to Doleshwar Mahadev Temple and drive to Haleshwar Mahdev in Khotang.

Day 04: Explore Haleshi temple and surrounding.

Day 05: Drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 06: Drive to Pokhara.

Day 07: Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni.

Day 08: Trek to Ranipauwa (Muktinath).

Day 09: Visit Muktinath temple and explore surrounding and trek back to Kagbeni.

Day 10: Drive to Tatopani (Hotspring bath).

Day 11: Drive to Pokhara.

Day 12: Drive to Kathmandu.

Day 13: Transfer to International Airport for final departure.